About Us

We are a very close team consisting of Debbie (the mom) and Michelle (the daughter). Needless to say, we both love dolls! From playing with them, to collecting them, and finally to creating for them, dolls have always been a huge part of both our lives. We have a ton of fun making the our doll bedding and themed beds, which we create out of shaped wood and fabric. Our hope is that the mother/daughter magic we share will be used by other women to create the same bond with their daughters! ❤

Debbie Beth
About Debbie Beth:

While I didn’t have many creative opportunities growing up, I was blessed as an adult to be able to live my dream life: a stay-at-home wife and mom to my four children.  As homeschoolers we had plenty of time for creative pursuits and when the kids were little we spent many afternoons creating homemade toys and games.  My first foray into making doll items was when I made doll clothes for my daughters when they were toddlers.  As my children grew older I became interested in making porcelain dolls and later clay art dolls as a hobby.  Eventually I was making dollhouses for children I knew from church, which led to making furniture, which led to where we are today.  I love the designing aspect of making our beds and other items.  It’s so fun to walk into a fabric store and find THE perfect pattern, designing a fantastical headboard to match and knowing it will make some little girl somewhere very excited!

About Michelle:

For me, dolls and crafting go hand in hand.  My mother encouraged my siblings and I to create and explore daily, and I credit her innate creativity with the development of my own.  Growing up I was a typical girly-girl who had more dolls than I could count! For my 8th birthday, my parents got me two big, beautiful boxes – one filled with dress up clothes, and one filled with craft supplies.  To this day I remember the excitement and fun I had for months afterwards, going to ‘my’ special box of craft supplies and making all sorts of things!  It was also when I was 8 that my mother taught me how to sew.  Over the years I have made everything from clothing and curtains to toys and pillows.  One of my largest projects was sewing 50 cloth dolls that I took on a mission trip to a Haitian orphanage.  For me, it’s all about creating a plaything most children would only dream of – and then making that dream a reality.

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