Etsy Story Inventory Update!

We’ve been hard at work designing multiple new items for our Etsy store, and not surprisingly we’ve bitten off a bit more than we can chew!  We have about 15 different beds all in various stages of completion all over the studio 🙂

BUT, we have the first ‘classic’ bed up finished, photographed and available now in the Etsy store!  It’s very simple, but we’re so happy with how it came out! The bed is made from sturdy 3/4″ plywood and covered in a layer of batting for softness, and finished with luxurious white minky fabric.  We were going for a ‘sleeping on a cloud’ look and feel 🙂


The bed also comes with a removable mattress made from furniture-grade foam and covered in quilted cotton fabric to give it the look of a real mattress.


Along with the bed, we’ve also updated our inventory with 3 new bedding sets:


And of course, throw pillow sets are still available! 🙂


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