Do My Life As Doll Clothes Fit American Girl Dolls?

Do My Life As Clothes Fit American Girl Dolls_

Recently I snagged a great deal on a three-outfit pack of ‘My Life As’ doll clothes from Walmart (gotta love clearance prices!).  With my $12.99 prize, I figured it was time to do some scientific testing and answer once and for all – will doll clothes made for the 18 inch doll line ‘ My Life As’ fit the American Girl Dolls?  Are these easy-to-get and more affordable options worth it? There’s only one way to find out:

It’s time to play dress up! 😀

MLA Clothes on AG Dolls - will they fit
Sophie, my ‘Truly Me’ American Girl doll is ready to get started! 🙂

My clothing pack came with three cowgirl-themed outfits: A dress with furry vest and cowgirl boots, a denim tunic with floral leggings and pink shoes, and a horse-themed nightshirt with bedroom slippers.

Outfit One: Cowgirl Dress, Vest, and Boots

The first thing I noticed right away while putting the outfit on was that the My Life As dress was a bit snug on my American girl doll.  I had to do a little extra wiggling to get her arms into the dress, but once they were in, it wasn’t too hard to pull the dress on.  The vest was no problem and went on easily.  The boots, however…

MLA Clothes on AG Dolls - AG in Cowgirl Boots
Somebody call Cinderella, we’ve found her boots!

Nope, not going to happen.  No matter how much I tugged, those cute boots were made for walking, but not wearing.  At least, not by an American Girl Doll.

Overall, the outfit was very cute and looked good on Sophie.  But, the extra bit of difficulty it took to get the dress on over her arms would probably make this outfit frustrating for a younger child to put on.   And of course, she ain’t got no boots 😦

You can see in the picture below how snug the top of the dress was on the American Girl Doll’s chest:

MLA Clothes on AG Dolls - AG in Cowgirl Dress
Honey, your shirt’s too snug…

Outfit Two: Denim Tunic, Floral Leggings and Pink Shoes

The second outfit was pretty similar to the first as far as ease of dressing – The tunic was very snug especially around the chest and it was a bit of a struggle to get her arms into the sleeves.  Once they were in, however, it wasn’t hard to pull the dress up the rest of the way and fasten it.  Obviously My Life As dolls have slimmer shoulders and chests than do American Girl Dolls.

The floral leggings went on easily – and the shoes? This time the shoes fit! 😀

MLA Clothes on AG Dolls - AG Doll Wearing MLA Shoes
Lookin’ good in her bright pink kicks! 🙂

The whole outfit was a success!  It took an extra minute or two to wiggle the tunic on, but overall it fit decently.  I think an older, more patient child could easily have dressed their American Girl doll in this outfit without much trouble – though once again it did require some twisting of the arms to get them into the sleeves.

Outfit Three: Nightshirt and Bedroom Slippers

I’ll be honest, I knew this outfit would fit my American Girl doll.  It’s a nice, roomy nightshirt and cloth slippers.  Very easy to get on, and looks SO cute – Sophie’s got a little bit of a pose going on 😉

So, that’s the second full outfit that fit well, which isn’t bad at all – out of the three My Life As Doll outfits, the only thing that was absolutely not usable for my American Girl doll was the pair of boots.  The dress and tunic WERE tight and a little tricky to get on – and I was worried that the outfits might tear with how much wiggling it took to get them on over the doll’s arms.  But, all in all, I’d say this was a good buy.  The quality of the clothes is very good, and they’re super adorable.  Plus, these are easy to get at your local Walmart and even at full retail price, this set is only $21 – for two daytime outfits, a nightshirt, and two usable pairs of shoes (counting the bedroom slippers…which aren’t really shoes, but let’s be generous).

Now, just for comparison’s sake, I thought it would be fun to also try the outfits out on Beth, my ‘My Life As’ doll.  Ready for a dolly version of ‘Who Wore It Better?’:

Yes, the cowgirl boots DID fit Beth when I couldn’t even get them on past Sophie’s ankles.  However, it was not easy.  I had to do a lot of tugging to get them on.  The dress also went on Beth easier than it did on Sophie – but it was still snug on Beth’s arms and shoulders!  This surprised me.  This outfit is made for dolls like Beth but even so it’s not the easiest thing to get on.  The snug fit does look much nicer than some too-lose-yet-easy-to-dress-in clothes I’ve seen offered for 18 inch dolls so maybe the designers of ‘My Life As’ just decided to go for looks over total ease of dressing.  In any case, it was still about 25% easier to get the outfit on Beth verses American Girl Sophie.

The second outfit was pretty much the same story – the tunic was a bit snug on Beth, but it was still a little easier to dress her in it than it had been with Sophie.  The leggings and shoes fit perfectly and overall I’d say they both pulled the outfit off very nicely 🙂

And finally the nightshirt and slippers, which was easy to get on both dolls and they both look equally adorable in it – though Sophie gets extra points for her sassy pose!

That’s it! I hope you found this comparison helpful.  In the future I’ll be doing more ‘Will XXX brand of doll clothes fit XXX brand of doll’ posts, so stay tuned and have fun playing dress up! 🙂


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