18″ Doll Review: Creatology Zoey

18 Inch Doll Review - Zoey by Creatology

❤ Today’s Featured Doll:

Zoey from Creatology, the 18 inch doll line produced by Michaels Craft Stores.

❤ Price and Source:

The doll retails at $26.99, however I used a 40% off coupon and paid $16.20 for her.  I purchased her from Michaels.

Creatology 18 Inch Dolls
Zoey and her pals at my local Michaels Craft Store

❤ Box and Packaging: Understated and so-so



The packaging for this doll is very minimal.  There’s not much presentation power or ‘wow’ factor in the box.  The doll WAS very easy to remove from the packaging and was attached mainly by easy to remove rubber bands (and not a dozen tiny plastic ties like some dolls).

❤ Hair: Surprisingly good rooting job, typical quality hair material



Her hair is just your typical plastic doll hair – it’s not particularly lush or silky and definitely lacks the gorgeous feel that some other dolls (such as the My Life As dolls) have.  That being said, her hair is much thicker than I expected it to be. Zoey’s rooted hair is pulled into tight pigtails which is generally a warning sign in most dolls – the way the hair is rooted often means that if it is taken out of the pigtails there will be large bald spots on the scalp.  However that isn’t the case with this doll.  After I took her hair down it was surprisingly thick and the rooting job well done with no bald spots.  Her hair can be styled in several ways and look nice.



My biggest complaint is that the hair sheds – a lot!  You can see how much loose hair came out after just one quick brushing.  Hopefully that’s just an initial ‘shed’ and the doll won’t continue to loose hair like that with regular play.

❤ Body Construction: Lightweight, very basic construction

Creatology Zoey Body
Creatology Zoey, Sitting

Right from the start it’s easy to tell that this doll is much lighter than other 18″ dolls.  Almost surprisingly so.  Her limbs have very limited, basic mobility and only move back and forth but not out to the sides.  She has sleep eyes with rooted lashes though her head does not turn or swivel at all.  Her construction is very basic.



I also noticed when I took her clothes off that her leggings had left a slight, but noticeable dark stain down the inside of her leg.  I’ve seen this happen with other dolls so I’m not pointing fingers solely at Creatology, but it’s still worth mentioning.

All in all, I think this doll would easily survive being played with by a small child without any danger of being destroyed, but I don’t think she’d last long enough to be a hand-me-down.

❤ Clothing and Accessories: Terrible shoes, okay clothing



For $26.99, you think she’d come with a little more to her outfit!  Her shoes are really pretty awful – they are clunky and have a very raw, unfinished look to them.  The rest of her outfit only consists of a shirt and pair of leggings, which are of ‘just decent’ quality – the inside seams are very unfinished looking.



In all fairness this doll isn’t intended to wow you with her outfit – being made and sold by a craft store, I’m really getting the vibe that she’s simply a tool to display your own handmade clothing on.  Which, frankly, if you’re a caring doll owner, you will do quickly and replace her sub-standard clothing 🙂  Also I just want to mention that the individual doll outfits you can buy from Creatology are generally much better quality than the clothing that actually comes with their doll – go figure.

❤ Comparison to an American Girl 18″ Doll:

Creatology Zoey & American Girl

Frankly there’s not much of a comparison.  This doll is sort of like the dollar store version of an 18″ doll – not to say the doll itself isn’t cute, and would probably please a younger child who just wants a ‘big doll’.  But her lack of mobility and just overall…’basic-ness’ make her pale in comparison with the American Girl doll (or even the less expensive My Life As or Our Generation dolls).  She’s a little slimmer than the American Girl doll and while they CAN share clothes, the doll clothes produced by Creatology are a bit snug on the American Girl dolls and the American Girl clothes are a bit loose on the Creatology dolls. Especially in the hips 🙂

❤ Overall Pros:

Inexpensive (if you use one of the 40% or even 50% off coupons that Michael’s hands out practically daily),  cute face, basic construction would stand up to normal play.  Surprisingly good hair rooting job.

❤ Overall Cons:

Pretty sad outfit overall, limited mobility, lightweight.

Really she’s an okay play doll for small children but nothing special.  VERY overpriced if you actually pay the full retail price for her – really, don’t do that! Sign up for the Michael’s newsletter and you will get a 40% off coupon at least once a week – $16 is an okay price to pay for this doll if your 5-year-old really wants a ‘big doll’ and you don’t want to get her an American Girl yet.



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