DIY Miniature Brown Paper Bag for 18 Inch Dolls

DIY Mini Brown Paper Bag for 18 Inch Dolls!

Today I am going to show you how to make a mini brown paper bag – just in time for packing Dolly’s school lunch! 🙂


What You’ll Need:

  • a regular size juice box (remove the straw so it won’t get in the way)
  • a brown paper bag
  • glue stick
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pencil

Step 1: Cutting the bag



Using the ruler and pencil, mark out a rectangle on the paper bag that is 8 inches by 3.5 inches.  Cut it out and discard the scraps.  You want to use only the solid rectangle piece without any glued seams.

Step 2: Shape and glue the back of the bag



Place the juice box in the middle of the paper, 1 inch from the bottom (this is so we can fold the bottom flaps later).  Fold over one side of the paper and place a strip of glue where the paper will join.  Fold over the other side and press into the glue.  This is the back seam of our bag!

Step 3: Shape and glue the bottom of the bag



Shaping the bottom of the bag is a lot like wrapping a box in gift wrap paper 🙂

First, fold down the long side with the seam.  Rub some glue on top of the folded-down paper, and then fold the other long side down on top of it.  Rub glue on top of that fold, and then fold down the two triangle-shaped sides.  You should now have a neatly-folded paper bag bottom!

Step 4: Making the bag foldable

Next, carefully slide the bag off the juice box.  This last step is to make the our bag fold just like a real one does – it can be helpful to look at how a full-size paper bag folds flat before attempting to fold your tiny one!  Make sure you look over all the pictures so you know how much to press and fold the bag.



Start by pressing each corner so that they have a nice sharp fold.  Next, gently press the short sides of the bag inwards (like in the pictures).  This is what gives the bag it’s ‘expanding’ capability.  Do NOT press the bottom of the bag flat yet! You only want to press the top of the bag.  Look at the pictures below to get a better idea of what the bag should look like at this point.



Carefully press the bottom sides of the bag flat to give them a crisp fold.  You should know have what looks like an upside-down “T” shape.  Fold the bottom of the bag up to one side (look at a real paper bag if you’re confused!) and press flat.  You should now have what looks like a full-size paper bag, but in miniature form!

Open it up – it should have all the right folds in all the right places 🙂

DIY Mini Paper Bag for 18 Inch Dolls 27

That’s it! The process may seem a little confusing but once you give it a try it’s pretty simple.  Have fun brown-bagging it! 😀





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