18″ Doll Review: Our Generation Lilia

18 Inch Doll Review - Our Generation Lila
❤ Today’s Featured Doll:

Lilia (Regular Doll) from Our Generation, the 18 inch doll line produced by Target.

❤ Price and Source:

I paid $24.99 for the doll and purchased her from Target.

❤ Box and Packaging: sturdy and impressive

Of all the box-store brand 18″ dolls I’ve seen, the Our Generation dolls have the most impressive packaging.  Their large, sturdy boxes in bright colors are very eye catching and make for a great presentation.  I did find it a bit odd however that the front of the box is open with no plastic to protect the doll. It’s nice that you can touch the doll without taking her out of the box but from a collector’s standpoint it’s not very practical.  Still, this IS a toy meant for children so I’m sure the package designers weren’t thinking about long-term, in-box display.




❤ Hair: Soft, good quality. Lots of play value




Her hair is soft and silky, and straight.  It’s a decent length for lots of hair styling options and it’s lack of curls means it should stay relatively tidy and frizz-free, no matter how often it’s brushed.  Like most play dolls the hair is rooted into the doll’s head.  I personally think the edges of the hair look a bit…choppy?  But, after a bit of styling the hair will probably take on a softer appearance once the initial stiffness is worked out.




Lilia also came with a small ‘Hair Care Guide’ which I thought was very nice.  Taking care of 18″ doll hair can be notoriously tricky, and this short little guide was actually pretty informative 🙂

❤ Body Construction: Good quality but moderate movement only




Lilia’s body is very firmly stuffed and has a decent heft to it.  Her limbs are rather restricted in their movement and only move forwards and back.  Her arms cannot move out to the sides at all (unlike the full range of motion for American Girl dolls, and the partial motion for My Life As dolls).  I fount that a bit disappointing – the doll really can’t to anything but very basic movements.  Her head does swivel from side to side and she has sleep eyes that close when she’s laid on her back.




When sitting her legs must spread apart pretty far because of her limited jointing system.  However, her arms and legs do move easily  – just not in very many ways 🙂

❤ Clothing and Accessories: Full outfit and very good quality




Lilia comes with a full outfit (including underwear and socks!).  She has a very cute trench coat that fastens with two buttons and a belt tie.  Her blue shift dress has a Velcro closure in the back.  All in all she comes with: trench coat, blue dress, underwear, socks, and shoes.

Our Generation Lilia’s Accessories

All of her clothing is very well sewn and made from good-quality fabric.  I think her  outfit will easily stand up to daily play without tearing or being damaged.  Plus, it’s super cute 🙂

❤ Comparison to an American Girl 18″ Doll:




The most obvious difference is that Lilia’s mobility is simply not up to par with the American Girl doll (but I haven’t yet found a doll that is).  Their heights are very close with Lilia being about a half inch taller. The extra height seems to come from the fact that she has a longer neck.  The rest of their measurements look to be quite similar and I believe they could share most of the same clothing.

Lilia DOES have nicer hair than the American Girl doll, which is another common trend I’m noticing.  The American Girl dolls have wigs instead of rooted hair and they (for reasons unknown to me) have a tendency to get dry and frizzy.  Lilia’s hair is soft and silky by comparison and probably would require much less upkeep.

❤ Overall Pros:

Cute doll with lots of play value and a full outfit – limited mobility, but I think she’s definitely worth what I paid for her!

❤ Overall Cons:

Lack of limb mobility could hinder play and posing options (she sits very awkwardly) and her hair has those odd, choppy edges.





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