The Doll Lover’s Guide to Crochet 101

The Doll Lover's Guide to Crochet 101 Series on

If you’re looking for a beginner’s guide to learning to crochet, look no further! I’ve written this guide with young crocheters (ages 8+) in mind – but I’d be happy if older doll lovers also find it useful! 🙂

In this series you will learn the basics of how to crochet and will make the following patterns for your 18 inch doll: a beaded chain necklace, cuff bracelet, purse, buttoned belt and head band. Each project will teach you a new stitch or technique and give you a cute new doll accessory too!

The Doll Lover’s Guide to Crochet: 101 will teach the following:

  • an overview of crochet hooks & different types of yarn
  • the chain stitch (CH)
  • the single crochet stitch (SC)
  • the half double crochet stitch (HDC)
  • the double crochet stitch (DC)
  • the triple crochet stitch – also known as the treble stitch (TR)
  • the slip stitch (SL ST)
  • how to weave in yarn ends

Ready to get started? Select the lesson you would like below:

Lesson 1: Yarn & Hook Basics

Lesson 2: Learning Slip Knot & Chain Stitch

Lesson 3: Learning the Single Crochet Stitch

Lesson 4: Learning the Half Double Crochet Stitch

Lesson 5: Learning the Double Crochet Stitch

Lesson 6: Learning the Triple (Treble) Crochet Stitch

***The Doll Lover’s Guide to Crochet 102 will be coming soon!***


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